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Use My Code is an app that connects people who want to share their referral codes with people who need referral codes.

Users who want to earn more from their referral codes can do so by posting them on Use My Code.

Likewise, users who need referral codes can do so by opening the Use My code app & selecting the company or app they want a code for. Users can also get a code while they are on another app on their phone. All they have to do is open the Use My Code keyboard extension when they are ready to input a referral code. From there, the keyboard will automatically detect which app they’re on and get the best referral codes for that app in seconds.

You might wonder how Use My Code came to be?

David Villegas thought of the idea behind Use My Code one day in his Chicago apartment, while deciding whether to take an Uber or keep using public transit. Ubers every once in a while are ok, but the Uber Everywhere philospohy that some people embrace can be quite costly and was definitely unrealistic for David's budget. Nonetheless, the thought of Ubering everywhere still entertained David. How could he aspire to live the Uber Everywhere life, without breaking the bank?

Referral codes.

What if you could post your Uber code somewhere where tons of people who needed it could use it? This would surely keep the Uber cash balance reasonably plenished allowing David to Uber everywhere.

Thus Use My Code was born!

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Use My Code released on the App Store

On Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 the Use My Code iOS app officially launched on the App Store, allowing all users with iOS devices to start their referral code sharing journies.


Use My Code starts beta testing for iOS

On Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 the Use My Code iOS app starts it's beta test program. Hundreds of users helped to test the app and produce valuable feedback that would go on to enhance the app and make it more robust.


Development of the Use My Code app starts

In September of 2019, David Villegas starts writing the base code behind the Use My Code app.


For all press inquiries, please contact David.

David Villegas


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