Here are some common Q's

"What is Use My Code?"

Use My code is an iOS app designed around sharing referral codes!

"What does it do?"

Use My Code connects people who want to use their referral codes to earn rewards, with people who need referral codes to get rewards and nifty sign up perks! The app also does a bunch of other things, like keeping track of code analytics and weeding out the bad codes so you have a quality experience sharing and obtaining referral codes.

"How do users use it?"

Users looking to share their referral codes can add them to the app to help them gain considerable exposure to people looking for referral codes. This allows them to grow their rewards far faster than if they just told their friends to use them manually.

Users looking for referral codes can get them in a matter of seconds after opening the app just by searching the company or app they want a referral code for.

"What is the goal behind all this?"

The mission behind all of this is to provide users with a way to earn sweet perks and rewards by sharing their referral codes AND at the same to make it super easy for anyone to find a referral code for the app or service they need in a matter of seconds so they too can enjoy some sweet perks! The more free Uber rides, free Grubhub deliveries, free Netflix (yes even Netflix), and more that this platform helps users get, the closer this platform will be to achieving success.

"Is it free? How do you make money? What’s the catch?"

Yes it’s 100% free. We might show you a short ad or too in the future, but we’re not there yet. So don’t worry. Ok there is one catch. I’m trying to get some free rideshare too, so I posted some of my codes. Hope you find them!

"How do I contact you?"

For all business inquires and feedback, email If you’re planning to send some spam, please save your time and don’t.

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